How we work together

  1. Schedule a call and draft our collaboration.
  2. We meet in person and decide which engagement type fits your needs best, based on the most valuable outcome for you.
  3. We work together.

Before you ask: the first call and meeting are free of charge.



For as long as we agree to continue this engagement, you can count on me to be at your and your teams' side, whenever you need me.

A retainer is most useful up from the beginning of a change process until you start to benefit steadily from them.

Retained, we facilitate meetings, organize and prepare workshops, and make sure stakeholders are engaged. Expectations will be met and managed, while risks are identified and mitigated. Usually, we'll be on-site one to two days per week.


We work closely together on a topic, with up to 7 of your people. A workshop entails detailed preparation work on both sides.

Workshops result in strategic approaches, if not decisions.


We take a morning or afternoon, meet outside your workplace at a beautiful co-working space, and talk straight. You are free to bring one additional person.

A sparring session results in quick-wins if it not in the outlines of a strategic approach.

We will work with you to find a cure, and not gloss over the symptoms.

Schedule a call today.

You'll be talking to Sascha A. Carlin. Looking forward to it!