Why we do what we do

We want to help you to live up to your professional potential. Free of restraint, indecisiveness, and hypes.

To that end, we work with you to set and manage expectations and needs, build a product pipeline that sees the better things get done, without relying on snake oil.

Why work with us

We have been in your place. We have experienced progress and frustration. We have felt the strain.

We can show you a way out of there.

Our tools

Our thinking is systemic. That is, we look at systematized issues first. Personal differences are not the source of most organizational conflicts. The cause is differing ideas about expectations, how to fulfill them, and the expression of these ideas in rules and regulation.

NVSBL employs simple tools like the Agile Galaxy. We use complex techniques like Wardley maps. We make use of Cynefin to establish the situation we are in (simple, complicated, complex, or chaotic).

We will work with you to find a cure, not gloss over the symptoms.

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